Added May 11th 2018

AQ: First Contact

Mobile Game, Mobile Game

 Join the beta now. Aquila is a massively multiplayer 4X game with real time battles.
Create a station, build and customize your fleet of battleships. Fight pirate factions like the Red Sun or the deadly Night Ravens, or go pirate yourself and come up against powerful security forces. Research, craft and loot new equipment from the pirate fleets or other players in real time PvP. Explore wormholes, asteroid fields, gas clouds, nebulae and debris fields. Ships can be upgraded with new weapons, fittings, riggings and powercells allowing you to customize your fleet for each battle. Dispatch drone fleets to harvest resources while you are away. Compete in galaxy wide events to earn legendary equipment. Join a Corporation to build stations and claim a region of space for your allies. A single universe puts you together with all your friends no matter what device you are using.