Mar 29th 2018

What is "NEXT" for No Man's Sky?

No Man's Sky is coming to the Xbox One. After its controversy at launch, Hello Games has worked to improve the game with free updates. Now it will no longer be exclusive to the PS4 and PC, and there is going to be another huge update.
Hello Games is calling this update, "NEXT" because "it's an important next step on a longer journey for us and the community." The big updates already implemented were called Foundation, Pathfinder, and Atlas Rises. These added things like base building, permadeath mode, ship/weapon speacialization, farming, vehicular exploration, questing, and more.
The "NEXT" update will be coming later this year, supposedly in the summer, but things may get delayed. They haven't gone into details, but they did release a picture of a physical copy they will make available for Xbox One. This shows 4K capability and Xbox One X enhanced on it.
No Man's Sky was synonymous with dissapointment at launch, but a lot of people have given it a second chance and have been pleassrntly surprised. Hello Games has also said they plan to keep making more free updates for the game. Their goal is to broaden and improve the game update by update for every player without them spending extra money.