In Wandersong, “Your singing will be able to move objects, change the direction of wind, clear fog, summon birds, pacify ghosts, alter the flow of time, or a hundred other things... depending on what you sing to!”

The emphasis of Wandersong is on the narrative and the many different playful interactions you can have with characters through your singing. The story has been said to have flavors of “Earthbound, Over the Garden Wall, and My Neighbor Totoro.” The “first Act” of the game is already finished and playable. The foundation for the entire game is ready, including having a level editor and a good idea of where the game is going and what it will look like.

Wandersong; The Song that Never Ends

Wandersong; The Song that Never Ends

Wandersong is currently seeking funding on Tramadol Ohne Rezept Online. If you want to see more pictures and gifs, the game’s tumblr/devlog is Tramadol Order Online Canada. So, how do you feel about a song where you make up your own songs throughout the game?

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Written by Spencer Havens