Sep 26th 2017

Voice Actor strike may finally be over

The union that represents video game voice actor's, SAG-AFTRA, seems to have reached common ground with the eleven large video game companies they were striking against. After a grueling eleven months it looks like an agreement has finally been reached. Although, just like with any compromise neither side really got exactly what they wanted.

SAG-AFTRA went into the strike wanting to look at four major things, contingent compensation, vocal stress, transparency, and stunt coordinators. With this deal they get a lot more transparency with companies needing to divulge if they'll have to use any vulgar or sexual language, whether the game is connected to a franchise in any way (they won't have to say which franchise though), the code-name, the genre, whether stunts will be required, and whether the actor is reprising a role they've done before. The only other one they got any leeway on was vocal stress, and the companies only agreed to work with the union on the issue.

They did however manage to secure a bonus for union members based on how many sessions they do for the game. According to the SAG-AFTRA press release, "The bonus payment, which is due no later than the release date of the game, is based on the number of sessions worked on each game, beginning with a $75 payment on the first session and totaling $2,100 after 10 sessions worked."

In that same press release they also claim that the agreement as it stands now does not have several things that the companies wanted included, such as, "...a provision that would have fined performers for being late or distracted at session, another that would have required agents to submit performers for low-paying “atmospheric voice” sessions or face fines, and a possible revocation of their union franchise, and another that would have allowed employers to use their permanent staff to do covered work outside of the collective bargaining agreement."

This agreement is not official yet. This is the tentative agreement, and will be reviewed by the union national board in October. It's because of the strike that the Resident Evil 2 remake was not able to have Alyson Court reprise her role as Clare Redfield, along with several other similar stories. It may have only been with eleven companies, but they were big companies with a wide reach across the video game industry. So, are you glad to see the strike over? Do you think that the deal is a fair one, or not? Be sure to tweet out your thoughts to me on Twitter at @spencerhavens.