Jan 30th 2016

Visage: Psychological Horror That Never Leaves You

Visage is a psychological horror game being developed by SadSquare Studio. Inspiration for the game has been drawn from Phantasmagoria all the way to P.T. the “real life horror simulator”. The game also plans to allow the player complete freedom to interact with the house in any way they see fit.

Visage takes place in a large house with seemingly endless corridors. It is in a secluded town in the 1980’s, but the house you’re investigating has been there for centuries, and never seems to truly fall into disrepair. Many families have lived there. Most have died brutally, but others have had no issues while in the house. It’s up to you to discover if something caused all the deaths, or if they were merely a coincidence. This will be possible through pieces of the horrible acts that left a scar in the house that you will be able to relive as you go through the building. The closer you get to the truth, the more it becomes certain that something doesn’t want you to find it out.


Visage: Psychological Horror That Never Leaves You

What makes Visage scary is that the setting is so close to being real. You can’t just leave the game with the comfort of knowing that you’ll probably never be trapped in a space station with a bunch of monsters. The game takes place in a regular house, and that fear will cling to you after you leave the game. Normal things are suddenly scary, like a dimly lit hallway, tripping a circuit breaker, or a light in a room burning out. This game doesn’t use jump scare after jump scare, it tries to “generate fear primarily through atmosphere and by getting inside your head.”

The core gameplay of Visage will let you do most anything you could do in a real life haunted house. You can pick up key items and use them. You can open and search through things like drawers. You can turn lights on and off. “Manage your stress.” Open doors at your own speed, although it is recommended that you open them slowly since you don’t know what may be lurking behind them. You can also interact with the entities haunting the house. This is a blend of styles that was inspired by the groundbreaking games Phantasmagoria, Penumbra, P.T., and Silent Hill.

Visage is currently on Kickstarter, and has already been approved by the community on Steam Greenlight. For those of you who were disappointed with P.T. being canceled (which is a great deal of people), this may help fill the void, and definitely has the potential to send similar chills up your spine. So, do you think this game looks scary enough? Leave a comment below and tell me what you think.

Written by Spencer Havens