Dec 07th 2017

The  official voice of Pikachu in the upcoming movie

It’s becoming more clear than ever that a Detective Pikachu movie is coming. It had been handed over to a Hollywood studio for a while, but then it went fairly silent. Although, there are quite a few people upset about the casting of Detective Pikachu.

It was recently announced that it would be Ryan Reynolds who was going to play Detective Pikachu. Yes, play not just voice, because it was also announced that Detective Pikachu is going to use motion capture. So Ryan Reynolds will move around for Pikachu along with voicing him. This is the same way Gollum was done in the Lord of the Rings.

However, there is a fairly large amount of people upset about Ryan Reynolds being cast as Detective Pikachu. It is not because Ryan Reynolds is a bad actor, and in fact it has nothing to do with Ryan Reynolds at all. The reason they’re upset is because they saw another actor as the perfect choice for the role. Who did they see as the perfect choice? Why no one else but Danny DeVito. If that sounds odd to you, the video below was made by a fan to show a glimpse of what Danny DeVito would be like playing Detective Pikachu.

So what is Detective Pikachu exactly? It started as a game that came out only in Japan, and it took a more serious look at the Pokemon series with a somewhat jaded Pikachu who worked as a gruff detective in a Sherlock Holmes hat. It never came to the West, but drew a fair amount of attention. There are more details available for the game, but there is also a good chance that going into it could spoil some or all of the upcoming movie.

Reynolds of DeVito, Detective Pikachu is set to start filming early 2018 in London. It is based off of a game, but is Pokemon exempt from the video game movie curse? Let me know what you think about that, and the casting of Ryan Reynolds as a Pikachu. You can find me on Twitter @spencerhavens.