Jul 18th 2017

The Destiny 2 Beta is Here With Some Restrictions

The Destiny 2 Beta is hours away. Well, at least it is for some people. People who pre-ordered the game will get access to the beta before everyone else, but Xbox One and PS4 users get access at different times as well. As for PC users their beta isn't supposed to be for another few months.

At 6pm BST today PS4 users who pre-ordered Destiny 2 will be able to jump into the beta. Tomorrow at 6pm BST Xbox One users will get to join in on the fun. As for people who didn't pre-order Destiny 2, they'll get in July 21, 6pm BST regardless if their Xbox or playstation. Of course to get in, they'll have to have downloaded the 12.6 GB chunk of data that is the client for the beta. That is up now and ready to be set up on your system of choice. So if you plan to test the waters with Destiny 2, you might as well get that download out of the way sooner rather than later.

The beta is all set to have a healthy sample of what to expect in Destiny 2. They'll be the opening mission, crucible PvP, a strike, new subclasses to try, and a new social hub area to explore. The only catch is that the campaign mission may be open to everyone, but according to the official Bungie Twitter account only players with premium accounts will get access to PvP and the strike. So unless you have Playstation Plus or Xbox Live Gold you won't be able to get to a large portion of the content in the beta. 

So, the Destiny 2 beta is essentially here. Since it is a beta test there will most likely be some problems, and whatever progress you make while playing won't carry over to the final game. In fact, character progression in Destiny 2 may vary greatly from how it is presented in the beta. With all that, what are your thoughts? Are you excited? How do you feel about people who pre-ordered getting to try the beta first? What about people with PS4s getting to start a day ahead of people with Xbox Ones? Feel free to share your thoughts with me on Twitter @spencerhavens.