Mar 21st 2017

Tangledeep a Polished Roguelike

Tangledeep a Polished Roguelike

Tangledeep is a rouguelike RPG inspired by the height of the 16 bit era. It takes its style from old school games like Secret of Mana, but also takes a lot of features from new ones like Diablo. The game wants to be challenging without being needlessly punishing.

Tangledeep is a turn based, dungeon crawling, rpg. Just like other dungeon crawler a it features a vast system of enemies, items, and procedurally generated dungeons. It also features multiple jobs players can choose from that will change up how you go through the game.

The controls for Tangledeep are simple and easy to understand, but the challenges are great. However, there will be no surprise deaths, and you will probably see your death coming from a ways off. However, death is not the end. One example is that the game will implement a sort of metagame progression like in Baroque where you can give weapons to a character called the banker and they will be available when you restart.

Tangledeep has been in development for over a year now. The developer has also been very open about the process. He not only has a discord, but a devlog and a Twitch stream where you can watch him work on the game. Not only that, but there is a pre-alpha version of the game you can try out. The pre-alpha will be updated until the end of April when it will be exclusive to backers of the project.

Tangledeep is currently looking for funding on Kickstarter. However, this isn't funding needed to finish the game. It is needed to make the game better by adding animations and bringing in more artists for the soundtrack. There is actually a detailed list of exactly what is planned to be accomplished month by month, and the game is expected to release the winter of 2017. My question for you today is how do you feel about Kickstarter projects that are set up to improve games rather than ones that supply funding necessary to finish them? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.