Jul 22nd 2017

Steven Universe: Save the Light Comic-Con Trailer Reveal

Steven Universe: Save the Light is an upcoming RPG based off of the popular animated cartoon network show coming to Xbox One and PS4. Yesterday at a comic-con panel the game got the first full trailer revealed. It also revealed a new character who will be appearing for the game.

Steven Universe: Save the Light is very reminiscent of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, especially when it comes to the battle system. In battle you choose attacks, and if you press a button at the right time you will inflict massive amounts of damage. You can also press a button when an enemy attacks you, and if you get the timing right again, you'll be able to block most of the damage. 

Cartoon Network's Steven Universe is known for its diverse cast of characters, and this game brings a bunch of them to the table. There's the core group like Connie, Stephen, Garnet, Pearl, Peridot, and Mr. Universe. However, along with them there are original characters created just for the game, including one revealed in the trailer, Squaridot.

Steven Universe: Save the Light is planned to be released this summer, which means it's coming very soon, to Xbox One and PS4. If you enjoy the show, you'll probably enjoy the game, and if you enjoy Super Mario RPG there's a good chance you'll like this game as well. As always, I'm Spencer, and you can contact me on Twitter @spencerhavens.