Aug 18th 2018

Steamhounds: A tactical PvP take on JRPGs

Steamhounds is a turn based competitive strategy game for PC that is in development. It is in early Alpha and is free to play for now. They're currently overhauling the system and adding characters while refining the ones they have.

In Steamhounds you take a team of three characters and try to defeat your three opponents before they take you down. The game is easy to pick up, but a bit harder to master, as there are a lot of ways to combine techniques from different characters. For example, the berserker has an ability where he will attack anyone in a straight line that an ally attacks, and the gunman has an ability that lets her attack an enemy if a chosen ally attacks them. So if say your fighter attacks an ally in the line of sight of the berserker, all three of your characters will attack that one enemy.

Steamhounds is being developed by a small team called Stray Basilisk. They have their own discord chat where they keep anyone interested up to date on the game and listen to their feedback. There's even an area to search for players so you can go head to head against other people instead of practice against an AI.

If you want a fun time you should probably start out with a few rounds against an AI before going against a human opponent. You can get access to their discord through their website here, and that'll get you access to the game itself. You can also watch a longer and more in depth interview I had with the developer below.