Apr 24th 2018

StarCraft II is getting premium fan content

StarCraft II is getting some new maps made by the community. After announcing it years ago, they're dabbling in trying out selling community made content. Hopefully it goes better than it did with Bethesda.

After announcing a map marketplace back in 2009 where players could buy and sell maps, it's finally here. The arcade mode already allows players to play custom maps for free, but now premium maps made by fans can be added. Just like Bethesda, Blizzard has handpicked several community creators for the program who they will split the profits with. At least according to Blizzard's blog post about it.

So far there are only two maps, Ark Star and Direct Strike. Ark Star is a Protoss focused turn-based rpg from community creators "Pirate." Direct Strike is an upgraded version of a tug of war mod by "Tya." Both will cost $4.99. Direct Strike will replace the free version it's an upgrade of, but it will still offer a free version with less modes and no free skins.

This will all be on the new premium tab, and Blizzard said they've been working with these creators to ensure the experience is well worth it for anyone who tries it out. What are your thoughts? Is this better than how Bethesda started their partnership program with mods? Do either of these even look interesting at all to you?