Aug 19th 2017

Star Wars: Battlefront II Space Combat Trailer Leaked

EA was all set to release a new Star Wars: Battlefront II trailer at Gamescom next week. At least, that's what everyone expected. Instead the trailer was leaked a week early.

The trailer showcases a space battle in engine. To be clear, it is not gameplay footage. This isn't what fights will look like when you're playing. It was however created using the game's engine and assets so that kind of is what it will look like when you're playing. At least visually, if not the actually maneuvers and gameplay aspects of the trailer.

This trailer is the first look at the space battles in Star Wars: Battlefront II. The battles themselves are being developed by the same development team that created the Battlefront Rogue One VR mission, Criterion. If their previous work and this trailer are anything to go off of there is plenty to be excited for.

The battles will be both in space and over a planet's surface. If you want more space combat from Star Wars: Battlefront II, then don't worry. EA is going to have a live event where they showcase the game's Starfighter Assault mode on August 21st, during Gamescom at 5:30 pm BST. Also, the leaked trailer may be for Playstation, but Star Wars: Battlefront II will be coming out to both Xbox One and PC as well.