May 15th 2018

Star Fox leaks linked with F-ZERO and Diddy Kong racing

E3 is rapidly getting closer, and you know what that means; plenty of leaks. Although this year things have been a little different, with people and studios acknowledging the leaks instead of staying completely silent.

One of the more surprising confirmations came from the Nintendo side of things with rumors surrounding a new Star Fox game. Several sources including on Reddit and Eurogamer claimed that the new game was not only coming, but was going to be developed by Retro Studios (the studio behind the Metroid Prime series). Then they went on to explain some mechanics like how it would resemble F-zero racing, but would have an adventure mode, hub world, and boss battles like Diddy Kong racing.

Retro Studios has already helped revive two franchises that were basically dying when they took on Metroid, and then later when they handled Donkey Kong and brought him back to his side scrolling roots. Now they allegedly have in their hands another franchise in desperate need of life support.

Will Retro Studios be able to go three for three? Will the new Star Fox game in their hands help bring back the series? Or do you think these sources are getting bad info from the same place? Is it a red herring meant to distract from the real project? It's more likely to have truth to it with all the differing sources, but you never know.