Jan 16th 2016

Space Revolver Uses a Gun to Skip Dialogue

Space Revolver Uses a Gun to Skip Dialogue

Space Revolver is an action game inspired by “Towerfall and Samurai Gunn, with gameplay and character control influenced by Megaman X, all set in a world deeply inspired by Cowboy Bebop.” The game features Pixel graphics, a single player mode, online multiplayer, a character creator and more. It is the first game from Moonfall Games, and has been called a “shoot your own adventure,” by James Beans the president of the studio.

Years of doing the dirty business for anyone who needed an extra gun had started to catch up with you. That small fortune you owe your old “friend” in the outer rim only seemed to grow, and it wouldn’t be long until they came to collect. That’s why when a job that’ll take care of all those pesky debts comes along you can’t say no. Luckily it’s a cake job. All you have to do is sneak into an office building and get out with a box. Everything goes off well enough, but when you deliver the package you don’t get the pay you were expecting. Instead they threaten to turn you in to the Federation unless you transport the VHS tape inside the box to where they want it to go. Your hands are tied if you want to get paid, and you weren’t very fond of the idea of rotting in a dank Federation cell for the rest of your days so you agree to help. The only problem is that the only known VCR is across the galaxy, and you’ll have to avoid the Federation the whole way there. In Space Revolver, this is only the beginning.

Space Revolver is loaded with features, and plans on bringing in even more throughout development. There is a custom character creator where you can make any character you want, as long as you can draw them on the screen. It will also feature both an Online and Offline multiplayer. The two key gameplay features are your main gun, and your fancy boots. You start the game with a TI 810, better known as a Space Revolver, which is a versatile energy pistol that can fire up to six shots (before recharging) in a variety of ways. You also start with booster boots that can draw energy from any TI capacitor so you don’t need bulky power packs; and this lets you use as many mid-air dashes and dodges as you have power left. However, since they both share power if you use up all of it with one, you won’t be able to use the other.

Perhaps one of the most interesting features in Space Revolver is in the single player story mode. Since you play a character whose moral compass isn’t the straightest, you can get away with doing things some people might see as not being very good. During absolutely any line of dialogue for any reason, you can pull out your gun on whomever you’re talking with. In fact, you can even go around and try to kill every person who dares talk with you.

Space Revolver has already gotten the Greenlight on Steam, and is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. It is being developed for PC, Mac, and Linux. The game has already won the allegedly prestigious, “Taco Bell Indie Game Garage 2015,” and has given the developers a large supply of Tacos. So, not only does this game let you shoot people just for talking to you, but also there are tacos. What more could you want?

Written by Spencer Havens; See you Space Cowboy