Jul 06th 2017

Sonic has Rings and now Mario has Coins

Mario just may be taking a page out of Sonic's playbook for the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey. The game's Japanese twitter account has just revealed what happens when you die in the game, and it looks eerily similar to what happens when a certain blue hedgehog gets hit by an enemy. Of course, the change in direction also means a move away from a lot of Mario staples.

The aforementioned tweet explains that now Mario will no longer have any game over screens. Instead he will only lose ten coins whenever he dies. That's right, Super Mario Odyssey has no lives, 1-up mushrooms, or game-over screens. Instead you lose coins in a circle just like sonic loses rings, except now you can hold a lot more than just a hundred. So at least they didn't limit you there.

The tweet can be found here. The rough translation says, "Lose 10 coins when Mario's strength becomes zero and he falls into the abyss. However...no matter how often you make a mistake there is no game over. " Then in a reply they further explained, " By the way...! Even if you make a mistake with 9 coins or less it will not become a game over. Please enjoy exploring with confidence."

Is this a good thing? Will not having the risk of losing your progress make the game more enjoyable for more people, or does it dumb it down too much? Let me know what your thoughts are by tweeting me @spencerhavens.