Aug 22nd 2017

Shenmue III teaser trailer; is it really what fans wanted?

Shenmue III just had its first teaser trailer released. After raising over 6 million dollars on Kickstarter and receiving backing from Sony, the game has had several delays. Now they've finally got something solid to show for it, and reactions are mixed.

The Shenmue series was an interesting one. On the surface it was a martial arts action game, but the gameplay actually steered more towards a genre not often seen in video games, slice of life. Sure Ryo was out to avenge his father and track down Lan Do, the head of a criminal organization, but to do that he got several different jobs, and would walk around town doing errands. Also, the last game in the series, Shenmue II, was released almost fifteen years ago, and it is only now getting a direct sequel. 

The trailer itself shows off some new enemies, and showcases Ryo's classic stoic expression. We see a lot of the scenery from the game, and get a look at two new characters. There is an old man in a straw hat who seems to be teaching Ryo more about martial arts by easily stopping his every attack, which is a staple of the series. There is also a muscular man who seems allergic to sleeves that appears to be a new villain Ryo will have to fight against. Shenhua, who was first met at the end of Shenmue II, is featured heavily in the trailer, and we can even see Ryo protecting her.

As always happens, people's reactions about the trailer are mixed. Luckily enough, so far it mainly seems to be whether the models in the trailer look good enough or not. Many people are saying that Ryo looks like a lifeless doll staring into your soul, and others that it looks like they took models from the 2002 game and stuck them in the trailer. However, other people don't mind. They don't care about perfect polish on character models and facial animations in Shenmue. They say the models and movements look good, and the backgrounds look spectacular. 

Shenmue III will release to PS4 and windows PC eventually. It does keep getting delays, but after Might Number 9, and the mess of rushed AAA games a lot more people are forgiving of that. Also remember that along with Kickstarter money, Sony is backing the project, so they should have the resources they need. Anyway, let me know what your thoughts are on the trailer. Also, are you a long time Shenmue fan, or just a curious newcomer? Let me know on Twitter @spencerhavens.