Mar 18th 2017

Sacred Fire Features the Voice of the Witcher

Sacred Fire Features the Voice of the Witcher

Sacred Fire is a psychological RPG featuring the voice talents of Doug Cockle, best known as the Witcher. The game focuses on tactical options and dialogue that you can use willpower to increase your odds of succeeding. The risks and rewards of the game all focus around psychology and what choices you make.

Rome has tried to conquer Caledonia for ages. Fierce fighting has pushed the Romans behind their massive wall, but they constantly wait for an opportunity of weakness so they can attack again. A cruel and vengeful queen has risen to power over the people of Caledonia. Now it is up to you to unite your people to bring peace, or will you use them to crush Rome's influence once and for all?

Sacred Fire plays in two phases. Story phase and Fort phase in story phase you make choices in dialogue and combat. These choices aren't just to survive, but to win the hearts of the people. In Fort phase you manage your resources, deal with traumatic memories, and remove effects like envy and prejudice.

Sacred Fire is currently on Kickstarter and has already gotten a lot of the funding it needs. Below there is a preview of Doug Cockle voicing the main character. What are your thoughts on this take of a tactical RPG? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.