Oct 12th 2017

Respawn partners with Oculus

Respawn Entertainmaint is working with Oculus on a VR game. It's described not as a first person shooter, but more as a combat experience. Although both companies seem to be holding most details pretty close to the chest. 

In the announcement video, Respawn talks about how they want to craft realistic experiences, and how they want to really show what it is like to be in real combat. They want to let people feel, at least a small part, of what it's like to be in real combat. CEO Vince Zampella even says, "It gives you more of that feeling of paranoia and the tension...It's more visceral. It's more terrifying." With VR making situations feel so realistic, they want to use that to their advantage.

The Respawn Entertainment Director also touches on the emotional aspect of VR in their blogpost announcement of the partnership. "There are so many cool parts to making a game in VR, but perhaps the most intense one is emotion. While you know you’re wearing a headset, your brain processes VR on an emotional level. Though you’re in a simulation, you feel like you’re there."

There isn't much more information out at the moment, but the game is set to release in 2019. Take a look at the trailer for yourself, and let me know your thoughts. Are you excited to see the creators of Titanfall take a stab at a VR game?