Jul 29th 2017

Re:Legend is a co-op Harvest Moon, monster taming, mix bag of adventure

Re:Legend is a mix of Harvest Moon, Monster Rancher, and classic JRPGs. The game is in many ways reminiscent of Stardew Valley just with a different aesthetic. Of course, one of the interesting things besides the monsters is that the game puts a big focus on multiplayer co-op.

In Re:Legend you wash onto Vokka Island with amnesia. You'll have to find a way to get back your memories, but surviving is a priority. That means you'll have to buckle down and learn to survive on the island. Not only can you get closer to the villagers, but you can find ways to expand the village. As for your own food, you could raise crops, but there are a lot of other options as well such as collecting fish to bring back and raise in your own pond. Then there's the monsters living on the island, creatures called Magnus. These magical animals can be tamed and befriended for various benefits, including helping you out with chores.

These magical creatures roam all around the island, and the five more dangerous regions surrounding it. Every single Magnus you see can be tamed and turned to your side. Once you have one, it will grow depending on how you care for it, and each has some unique conditions that have to be met for them to evolve. If you can manage to gain its trust you'll also be able to ride it so you will be able to move around much faster.

The real focus of this game seems to be the multiplayer. It has a lot of things set up well, but four player co-op is a very good step in a lot of people's books. After all, a lot of people will be jumping back into Stardew Valley when the multiplayer patch comes out. Multiplayer just adds a whole new level to the game, and with what looks like a class/job system along with the ability to choose from many different monsters there is a lot of room for variety in making a team with friends.

Re:Legend is currently on Kickstarter, but has already exceeded its goal and a couple of the stretch goals. I guess that means if you want the game you don't have much to lose from tossing your hat in that ring, except for the moderate price tag depending on your tier selection. Anyway, the game looks well put together, beautiful, and like a lot of fun.