Jul 20th 2017

Rail Theory Randomly Generates Enemies and Difficulty to Your Skill

Rail Theory is a shooter where the whole game centers around adaptability. Not only do enemies adapt to your skill and play style, but, as the fight goes on, they'll also morph into the element of the bullets you use on them so they're less effective. Using the same tactics in Rail Theory will only ensure that you're an easy target for the enemies in the game.

The story in Rail Theory is simple enough. You're the last human on a research facility, and you need to salvage parts from other damaged ships to repair your own so you can leave. The only problem is there are waves of monsters between you and those ships. Not to mention different environmental hazards along the way.

The enemies in Rail Theory are randomized. Depending on how good you've done, they may have more armor, or a horn they can pull out to use as a sword. This also means they'll all have different sets of offensive and defensive capabilities. They adapt to your skill level, and will randomly generate body parts to look unique and be challenging. This adapting to skill is true of the whole game, with some things becoming more and more likely to happen the better you perform. 

In Rail Theory you get a gun called the Foyl Dredge. This gun has similar abilities to the enemies. It can absorb elements and use them to power itself. You'll collect ammo from the environment, and choose which to use on enemies depending on what they are infused with. Of course, if you shoot them too much without killing them they'll absorb the element you've been firing at them and make your shots less effective while infusing their attacks with that element as well. So be sure to switch things up and always go for headshots.

Rail Theory is the passion project of Kurt and Austin Gantz. Right now the game is on Kickstarter, but there is a demo on their website here. The game is very much aimed at keeping things interesting for the player no matter their skill level, and if done correctly, could be a very interesting thing to see. But what do you think? Do you like the idea of having a difficulty level chosen by how well you play instead of what you want to play on? Do you like the idea of adaptive enemies? What about randomized enemy body parts? Be sure to let me know your thoughts. As always, I'm Spencer, and I can be reached through my Twitter @spencerhavens.