Apr 10th 2018

Radical Heights isn't taking itself too seriously

The hot thing now is and has been Battle Royale games. What's been hot for even longer is releasing games on early access. Well Boss Key Productions, the developer founded by Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski to create Lawbreakers, is taking a stab at both.
Radical Heights is their take on the Battle Royale style game. It definitely has its own style and is going a different direction than more serious games like PUBG. They seem to really be going for the 90s gameshow vibe, but set in the future. They even advertise the most high tech vehicles around, BMX bikes. You can even have one person pedal while someone else rides on their back with their gun at the ready. So not only is it "hip" to the 90s like that, it's also full of all that righteous lingo you'd expect from that era.

Money also plays a big part in Radical Heights. You get money throughout the game by destroying various things that you'd expect to have money. Things like cash registers, slot machines, and so on will all have cash players can snag. What good is cash? Well it looks like besides scrounging for scrap guns, if you save up enough money you can buy some top of the line weaponry. The cash also doesn't all have to be used in one match. It can be put into an ATM to store for later, or withdrawn early to get a headstart in a match. 
Radical Heights is releasing today on early access on Steam for free. It's another Battle Royale fighting for space, and the developers said they plan to get community excitement up with the launch so expect some weird stuff if you decide to drop in.