Sep 19th 2017

PS4  and Xbox One get crossplay by accident

A few days ago the popular sandbox action game, Fortnite, had players from Xbox One and PS4 playing together. Sony has made it clear that they are against cross platform play with the PS4 in the past. However, the developers of Fortnite claim to have a good reason for this happening. That reason, it was an accident.

There is already cross-platform play for Minecraft between PC, phone, VR, Switch, and Xbox One, but not the PS4. Sony made it clear that they were not planning to join in and let their player base mix with other consoles. Although, it definitely seems to be something players want if the response to the crossplay announcements are anything to go by. So it is no surprise Sony would be against Fortnite crossplay, even if it was apparently a very simple thing to do.

It may seem surprising that a simple mistake could lead to Xbox One and PS4 players playing against one another, but other developers have already explained that it is a simple process. Rocket League developer Psyonix has explained that they are ready to allow crossplay within a few hours. They'd just need the approval of Sony, but they haven't gotten that, and it still seems unlikely they will. After all, Rocket League is hosted on Psyonix's own servers, so putting them together wouldn't be as much of an insurmountable hurdle.

Of course, with something like this happening the big head of Xbox had to say something. Phil Spencer was asked what he thought of the Fortnite mistake on twitter, and he said, "I would have liked to see them leave it on."

So again we come back to the question, why does Sony not want to let their players interact with other consoles? There could be a lot of reasons, but most likely they think it will lose them money somehow. Maybe If friends could play without being on the same console, they worry that the PS4 won't sell as well. Although, I doubt that could be all there is to it. What do you think? Does Sony have good reasons for not allowing crossplay? Share your thoughts with me on Twitter at @spencerhavens.