Apr 15th 2017

Pokemon Go Easter Surprise

Pokemon Go is not as popular as it was when it first came out. However, thanks to a steady stream of updates, it is decidedly a better game. With those updates have been fun events, including the newest Easter event.

The new Pokemon Go event is called the Easter Eggstravaganza. This event centers around eggs as Easter approaches. Egg hunts are very popular with Easter, so Pokemon is having a sort of egg hunt of their own. The 2km eggs, the most common eggs in the game, will now hatch a greater variety of Pokemon, and hatching one of them will get you extra candy as well. 

 Lucky eggs are also affected. Instead of the normal 2x exp, they will give out 4x exp during the event. Lucky eggs are also half price in the in-game shop. So if you're someone who will spend money on in-game items for a phone game now's your chance to save a lot of money buying stuff on the cheap.

 This event will be going on until April 20th, so hurry and get those walks in to hatch those eggs. The steady stream of events from Niantic has helped to keep Pokemon Go fresh with the New Years, Johto, and Christmas updates all adding to the game. Of course, Niantic has been teasing a bigger update recently including a new way form of cooperative gameplay coming soon.