Dec 21st 2017

Pokemon GO Christmas 

Pokemon Go is starting their Christmas event today. It will be very similar to what happened last year, but with a few twists. Including a new legendary Pokemon from the Hoenn region.

 The biggest thing being brought back is the chance to catch a Pikachu in a Santa hat. This will evolve into a Raichu wearing a Santa hat as well. Of course they don't want to leave Pichu out of the party, and there is a chance to hatch one wearing a Santa hat. 

Along with all the electric mice, there will be some more Pokemon added to the game. Some of those include, Milotic, Wailord, Sharpedo, Relicanth, and more. There will also be more ice type Pokemon appearing than normal for all players. 

However, amidst all the solid announcements, Niantic has teased the release of a legendary Pokemon. They even released pictures of Kyogre on their promotional material for the event. With Groudon already available it seems likely Kyogre is next, and then maybe Rayquaza. After all, they are the three main Hoenn legendaries.