Jun 20th 2017

Pokemon Go Adds Raids and Gym Badges

Remember the craze that was Pokemon Go? Well, there are still a lot of people playing the game, and Niantic is constantly trying to improve the experience for those players. They're currently revamping a lot of things, including gyms, and a way to catch legendary Pokemon (at least most likely).

Let's start off with the gym update. If a team got a good enough foothold on a gym it became nearly impossible to take them down without a small army of allies and revives. Then it was still iffy. Well, Niantic has done away with the old prestige system of gyms. Now there is simply a maximum of six slots in a gym that a team can put Pokemon in. They're also adding a motivation system to the pokemon you leave to watch over the gym. If you (or a member of your team) don't visit them and feed them some berries periodically they will lose motivation and lower their CP until they eventually just abandon the gym altogether and return to you. 

There are two more things they're adding to the gyms. a way for less confident or weaker players to get use out of them, and Pokemon badges. Now at each gym there will be a spinning photo disc like a pokestop that will give away unique items which Niantic hasn't been specific about yet. It could be like a regular pokestop, or it could be different. As for the badges, as you win at gyms you'll collect bronze, silver, and gold badges, with each tier giving you greater rewards when you visit gyms.

The other big change is the addition of raids. A raid will let up to twenty players team up to fight a boss Pokemon to try and beat it, and they are timed in-game events that will sporadically replace gyms for limited windows of time. You can team up with players from other teams to defeat the boss creature. If you win, not only will you get a chance to try and catch them, but you will also get a special item. You can also create a private raid group using an in game friend code system.

So, Pokemon Gyms are changing and bringing actually badges into play while powerful Pokemon are going to be swooping in and taking them over every now and then with a decent chance that sometimes they will be legendary Pokemon. It's been a while, but the raid on Mewtwo seen in one of the earliest Pokemon Go commercials seems like it's pretty much here. This will all be rolling out in the next update for the game. Are you excited for the changes to the gyms, or would you have preferred that they leave them be? What about the new raid system? Do you think that will be fun, or do you think it will be so rare that few people will really get to see it? Let me know what you think by tweeting me @spencerhavens.