Feb 27th 2018

Pokemon Day 2018

Happy Pokemon day everyone! That's right, 22 years ago on February 22, the very first Pokemon games came out in Japan. Now it may not be the 20th, or 25th anniversary, but the Pokemon company still has some great stuff lined up for fans.

Of course Pokemon Go is still chugging along, even if it isn't as popular as it once was. They have an exclusive Pikachu that can be caught from today through the middle of tomorrow. It is wearing a purple striped party hat, has the move present, and has a lot more stardust than normal Pikachu when captured. 

The Pokemon company is also releasing some merchandise. They are releasing the first in a line of legendary Pokemon pins that they'll release throughout the year (it's starting with Palkia and Dialga). On top of that, the first in a new line of large scale Pokemon figures showing off their moves is being released. The first one is Charizard showing off a blast burn.

In virtual news they've added a new Snapchat filter featuring Bulbasaur. The lens will be available for three days, then replaced by a Charmander one, which will after three days be replaced by Squirtle. They also dropped a bunch of new Pokemon stickers for the app. If you've got an Amazon Alexa, or Google Home they released a new app for English audiences called Pikachu Talk. It replaces the voice of your assistant with Pikachu's, so don't expect to understand what's actually being said.

Finally, and perhaps most exciting for Pokemon fans, Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You is streaming for free on Pokemon TV. It'll be available for a full week, but after that it'll be gone, so if you haven't seen it yet, now's your chance.

We know that a proper main series Pokemon game is coming to the Nintendo Switch, but so far no real solid information has come out about it. However, today isn't over yet, and the Pokemon company could always have a surprise announcement sometime during the anniversary. Do you think they'd do that, or would they already have done it since Japan is in a different time zone?