May 16th 2017

Phantom Dust is Out and It's Free

Microsoft blew everybody away yesterday. Out of nowhere, Aaron Greenberg, the head of Xbox game marketing, made two huge announcements in a single tweet. Phantom Dust was going to be released today, May 16th, and it was going to be completely free.

If you've been following the Phantom Dust development you already know that this started as a hobby project of just a few developers. Then it grew, and became more of a passion project for a few others who seemed to really wanted to see it succeed. Then when the studio working on the remake failed in 2015, it looked like the project was going to be canned completely, and yet here we are. It isn't a polished remake, but it is a game brought from the original Xbox to the current gen system, which is a feat in and of itself. 

 In an exclusive interview with Polygon earlier this month “The biggest challenge that we faced in bringing Phantom Dust back was when we recovered the archives from Japan for the original project, there was no final source code. So everything that we’ve been able to do in this version of Phantom Dust has been through reverse-engineering the binaries, and actually hacking and cracking the code back open again in order to make the improvements and changes that we have."

The development has faced tons of challenges, and it has still made it all the way to a finished product now. The actual game is not quite up on the store yet, but when it is up it will be absolutely free, and that is not just free for today, but it will be free forever. You really have nothing to lose by trying the game out. It is also an Xbox play anywhere title