Dec 14th 2017

Patreon pulls back on planned payment structure

Recently Patreon announced a new payment structure across their site. This led to severe backlash as people criticized and left the site. Due to this they have released a statement apologizing apologizing and saying they won't be initiating those changes.

Patreon is used by many people as a way to get crowdfunding support from fans to continue doing their work. Users range from artists, to YouTubers, to even game developers. With the original payment system the burden of processing fees fell on the creators. The idea with the new payment structure was to shift that burden onto the Patrons mainly through a 30 cent fee no matter how much you gave the creator.

This flat charge was very frustrating for the people who donated one or two dollars, as that would be a huge cost increase for them. As usual when something happens, people voiced their opinions. Patreon heard them, and pulled back on the changes. In their full statement, which was emailed out and put up on their site, they explained that they still want to implement changes. This time they'll just work directly with creators to try and make a system.

Patreon may have pulled back on their changes, but a fair amount of people have already left the site. They'll try and bounce back from this blow, and their response seems to be fairly safe from getting a lot of blowback. What are your thoughts? Did you know about Patreon's planned change in how payments would work? Do you think their response is a good one? Is it good enough?