Apr 01st 2017

Pacman is Back on Google Maps

Today is April 1st, which also makes it April Fools' day. Google is celebrating by offering the ability for people to play Ms. Pacman on Google Maps. 

The process is simple. All you have to do is open the Google Maps app, or open Google Maps in a new tab on your browser. Both are fairly self explanatory how you start. On the mobile app you select the picture of MS. Pacman, and on the computer you click the box in the lower left hand corner that says insert coin. Doing either will change the map you're currently looking at into a MS. Pacman level complete with sound effects and music. 

As their April Fools' Day prank you can play Ms. Pacman on your local streets, or anywhere you want. Well, there have to be enough streets around for the game to work, but you can zoom out to help with that. On the computer you control Ms. Pacman by using the arrow keys, and on mobile you control her by swiping on your phone screen.

 You'll have to hurry up if you want a chance to play Ms. Pacman on your favorite roads. This prank by Google is sure not to last forever. So give it a try as soon as you can, and see if you can find a better map to play on than I did. Darn Sue kept cornering me near my house.