Jun 28th 2018

Overwatch tries to encourage players to reward good behavior

Overwatch just came out with its newest update. This update holds what the developers see as the second half of a key to improving the online community. The first half was implemented back in January and let them punish players for how they acted on social media.

Now instead of banning, it's all about endorsements from other players. Anyone can give a player an endorsement, which will count as a sort of social credit score. The higher the score the better standing the player has. They also added, "...those who display negative behavior or accrue suspensions will lose their endorsements." So you could always lose it. Of course there's some incentive to give it out too, as you get a little bit of XP each time you do. The higher standing also has more of a bearing on the game now with the other new feature that makes it easier to find a group.

The big change to finding a group is adding in what you're looking for. Some examples are players with a certain level of endorsement, players who want to play a certain role, and so on. For the role, players who look say they want to play a certain role will be restricted to only playing characters in that role, so making a more balanced team should be easier.

There were other parts to the update, but these were the biggest changes. What are your thoughts on them, especially the endorsements? Do you think it'll help tone down the toxic community, or will it backfire? Since xp is involved will players just hand it out over nothing? Since negative behavior could lose endorsement levels for players, will that become an issue at higher levels if players don't perform well?