Jan 27th 2018

Overwatch brings down the ban hammer based on player's social media

Jeff Kaplan, the lead developer for Overwatch made another community update. This one had more information concerning the toxicity in the Overwatch community. He made a point to say how they were addressing it themselves.

A lot of games have parts of them that are toxic, especially when they're popular and competitive. Overwatch has been hit hard enough that the developers feel the need to address the issue themselves any way they can. Last time Jeff Kaplan even said that dealing with the toxicity slowed down updates for the game. 

Overwatch was built with a system to report bad behavior, but it wasn't easy to understand, so most people just ignored it. Now they've made the system a lot easier. He even said that since they implemented the system reports have come in more, but overall bad behavior has gone down. 

However, they aren't just telling on a reporting system. The Overwatch team is actively  using "social media sites" to find people misbehaving. This includes YouTube videos. So they're out looking for trouble makers, not just waiting to be told about them. They also use other things, but want to keep them secret so no one can "game the system "

Toxic players can ruin an otherwise fun game, but a lot of people have issues with people scrutinizing and judging others based solely off of social media. What do you think? Is banning people from their behavior on social media okay, or is it crossing some sort of line?