Oct 26th 2017

Nintendo's Animal Crossing Reveal

Nintendo has announced their next Animal Crossing game, and it isn’t going to be on the 3DS. They also announced their next mobile game. They just so happen to be the same thing. That’s right, if you haven’t heard, the next mobile game from Nintendo will be Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.
This new installment of Animal Crossing will have a lot of familiar elements for fans of the series. Although, it is clear that in many ways they optimized it for the mobile platform. This time the game is centered in a campground where instead of permanent neighbors you have different people visit as they decide to go camping. You can do favors for these visitors, and this will raise their friendship level. The higher their level the more likely they are to visit your campsite again. You can also raise this level by gifting them items they like or decorating the campsite with their favorite items.

You can still catch bugs, shake trees, and go fishing, but they’ve added a new crafting mechanic. Not only will completing favors for visitors raise their friendship level it will also get you crafting materials. So instead of just buying every item you want like in old Animal Crossing games you can craft new furniture from raw materials. Of course, since this is a mobile game this will take time so this is where the premium currency comes in. The currency called Leaf Tickets will let you shorten how long it takes to craft items, and can even be used to get raw materials or buy unique designs for your camper’s exterior. You can earn this money in game or spend a few bucks and buy it outright with cash.

Since it is an Animal Crossing game decorating is an important aspect. You’ll be able to personalize your own camper, character, and be able to place furniture around the campsite. There will also be a real day and night cycle with shops holding real hours so you’ll only be able to visit them during the real daytime, but you will be able to purchase items here without using the premium currency or crafting anything. You can also upgrade your camper’s interior by going to OK Motors and taking out a loan. That’s right, no Tom Nook this time. I guess he doesn’t deal in homes with wheels.

You don’t only have to interact with animals though. You’ll be able to visit other player’s campgrounds and trade items with them by sharing your game ID with them in real life. You will also be randomly visited by player avatars from time to time, and this will give you a chance to exchange some money (not the premium currency) for an item.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will be free on both iOS and Android in "late November." However, it is currently out for iPhones in Australia, and if you aren’t there you have a few ways to fudge the system if you’re dying to play it. All you have to do is follow these steps.
 1. Sign out of your Apple account.
 2. Create a new account using a different email address. Just remember you'll need to verify your account so be sure you can get into it.
 3. When you sign in for the first time and it asks for your country select Australia, and put in an Australian address.
 4. Now you’re in the Australian app store and can download Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp here.