Sep 02nd 2017

Nintendo Switch can't handle some of its own games

The Nintendo Switch internal storage may not be up to snuff. For a small and relatively lower priced system, I guess that shouldn't come as a surprise. Although, hearing it coming straight from the mouth of Nintendo was a little unexpected.
When Nintendo revealed their partnership with Western Digital (SanDisk), they also revealed that some games for the Switch will require a MicroSD card in order to play the full content of the game. Now, this is not every Nintendo Switch game just the larger ones, but it is still necessary for some of the games. The partnership will also bring about licensed 64 GB and 128 GB MicroSD cards with Nintendo Switch logos on them. Expect the price to be a little higher too, as MicroSD cards for Nintendo products have so far been a little more expensive than their competitors.

In the statement Nintendo said, "Also, a microSD card will be needed for certain Nintendo Switch games that contain an especially large amount of content and require additional storage for players to enjoy the full experience."

So players will get to enjoy some experience from these games still, just not the complete package, unless they also purchase a MicroSD card for their Switch. Storage is always an issue, but are we really back to memory cards for specific games again? I haven't had to deal with that since my N64 days.

Nintendo has partnered with Western Digital to come out with their own brand of MicroSD cards for the Switch because they have games that are so big they need them, and "a continually growing library of diverse downloadable games and content." How do you feel about it? If you get a game that needs more space, are you just going to buy an off brand memory card, or will you be getting the correct ones straight from Nintendo? Let me know on twitter @spencerhavens.