Jun 22nd 2017

Nintendo Interview Explains Crossplay on Switch

E3 2017 had a lot of surprises, but perhaps the biggest one was the announcement that not only would there be crossplay between the Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch, but that there'd be crossplay for both Rocket League and Minecraft. Playing across platforms is a big win for gamers, and a Nintendo executive explained why the company decided to work with other consoles.
Gamesbeat interviewed Charlie Scibetta, the Nintendo of America corporate communications director, yesterday. The interview went through a lot of stuff that happened at E3, and towards the end of course they brought up crossplay. According to him Nintendo is really just trying to get people involved with them any way they can. That's why they're branching out through mobile, Universal Studios, and Vans. "We’re trying to be more flexible and bring more people in. In the case of Rocket League, it’s just being flexible and working with them to make their game come to life on our system. If people want to play cross platform, we want to enable that."

He said the same goes for Minecraft as long as that's what the players want, and they can make it work. What it really boils down to for him is that "We want people to have a good time." Of course, not every game will be crossplay. Nintendo is leaving that in the hands of the developers to choose if they want to do that, but if they want to, Nintendo is happy to stand behind them on it.

I never thought I would see a time when there would be console crossplay. As long as I can remember there has always seemed to be a war going on between all the consoles for a piece of the gamer pie. That's why it was so surprising when I heard that Nintendo and Microsoft had both agreed to crossplay. What about you? Did you ever expect the consoles to work together like this? Tweet what you think to me @spencerhavens.