Aug 31st 2017

Niantic Brings new raid style and legendaries

Pokemon GO developer Niantic just announced three new legendary Pokemon from the Johto region would be appearing. On top of that they will start field testing a new type of raid. They even decided to incentivize traveling again.

The three newest Pokemon added to the list are the legendary beasts, Entei, Suicune, and Raikou. However, unlike the legendary birds they are region exclusive. The bold Raikou can only be found racing around the Americas. The passionate Entei will be seen sprinting across Africa and Europe. Finally, the serene Suicune will be gliding over the Asia-Pacific region. Just like in the games they came from, these legendary Pokemon won't just sit still like the legendary birds. From September 30 to October 31 they will travel around to different locations.

As for the new raid style, it is called the EX Raid Battle. They have already done testing, and now want to field test and tweak it some more. This battle will be invitation only. To get invited you will have to have recently completed a raid at the location the EX Raid Battle will be at. Then you will receive an alert before the raid begins so you have time to get there and coordinate with other trainers to try and take down the Pokemon. During the test, it will just be implemented at a few gyms, and they'll mess around with things like eligibility, frequency, locations, duration and so on. It's all in the interest of making it more fun for trainers who participate in Raids frequently.

Passes for the EX Raid Battle will be handed out to select players as early as September 6, and it will have some interesting Pokemon as a reward. Not every Pokemon available is known, but one is, and it is arguably the only one people care about right now. EX Raid Battles offer a chance to catch Mewtwo, which we saw earlier this month at a special event in Japan.

So grab your pokeballs and head out with your cell phone in hand. Johto legendaries are back, and they're going to run away when you don't catch them just like in the game. I'm sure no one will get irritated with that. On top of that, is this what people really want? More raids and legendaries instead of trading and direct pvp? What about you? What are your thoughts on these updates from Niantic, and what legendaries or updates would you like to see next? Let me know what you think on Twitter at @spencerhavens.