Jun 01st 2017

Netflix for Video Games Releases Today

If you enjoy Netflix, and you enjoy video games, Microsoft might have something that's right up your alley. Microsoft has just rolled out their video game subscription service, Game Pass. You pay once a month, and get access to a library of video games you can play as much or as little as you want.

Starting today, everyone can sign up for Game Pass, and there is even a free 14 day trial to start you off. Although, it does only work on Xbox for Xbox users so if you don't have one you're out of luck. There are around 100 games in the catalog to choose from, but unlike Netflix, you don't stream the game. Instead, you actually download the full game. So hopefully you have a lot of hard-drive space, or are planning on getting an external one set up if you plan to use this service. 

Like Netflix, Microsoft plans to add and drop games monthly. Unlike Netflix, they offer a 20% discount on any game, and 10% on any DLC you may want to own. You can sign up for the service here, and Microsoft plans to sell physical subscription cards at brick and mortar stores later in the year.