Oct 31st 2017

Monster Hunter World gets a beta

Monster Hunter World got a new trailer at the Sony press conference for Paris Games Week. This gave a few new looks at the game, and a new area. It also announced something exciting for anyone who wanted to get their hands on the game early, a beta.

The trailer showcased at the Sony press conference was located in a location called the “Rotten Vale.” It showed various different snippets of monsters in this location, but didn’t name any of the new ones. Although it definitely seems like there is a fairly clear order of who stands on top in this area, and it is a big red monster. We even get a look at it attacking several other monsters a little similarly to a tigrex with how it jumped around. Although, perhaps the most important thing shown in the trailer is that arm wrestling is coming back so hunters can challenge each other again while they’re waiting for their friends to get ready.

Since this was for Sony, they got to show a little extra that people who got Monster Hunter World for the PS4 would get. Monster Hunter is no stranger to crossover armors and weapons that they release for free for the game. I mean, they’ve even had Mario and Animal Crossing Palico armor before. Well, at the end of the trailer they show off exclusive DLC for the PS4. It seems you’ll be able to get armor and weapons to make your character look like Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn. Of course they couldn’t leave your feline companion out, so they’ve got a nice little robotic outfit for them as well that makes them look like a robot.

Now, as for what you’re really interested in. After the trailer, the screen kept going, and announced that there would be a beta for Monster Hunter World. As of now we only know that the beta is accessible to PlayStation Plus subscribers. The beta will start on December 9th, and will be three quests that can be played solo or online. The quests will have the Anjanath and Great Jagras in the Ancient Forest, while the Barroth will be in the Wildspire Waste.

We got to see some new monsters, a new area, some DLC armor for PS4 users, and hear about a beta. However, I don’t expect the beta to stay a Playstation exclusive. After all, most of the Monster Hunter games in recent years have had a demo release before they came out so people could try the game before buying it. On the other hand it mostly came out on the 3DS, so multiple systems weren’t an issue. What do you think? Will the beta come to other systems, or stay a PlayStation exclusive? Feel free to share your thoughts with me on Twitter. You can find me at my handle @spencehavens.