Mar 08th 2018

Monster Hunter Spring Update

Monster Hunter World is arguably Capcom's best selling game (ports stop it from being a sure thing). It's popularized a series that has had a small but loyal fan base in the West while being very popular in Japan. The first update is planned for Spring, but only bits and pieces have been teased.

However, according to the official Japanese Twitter, next week more will be revealed, and people are getting excited. We already know the deadly pickle otherwise known as Deviljho is coming in the Spring update, but they teased that this stream will reveal the latest details on what’s coming up.

Monster Hunter has always had cross promotion in it, with things like Samus's armor, Mario Palico armor, and more. Now that it's on multiple consoles it may be different though. Like how the PS4 has had exclusive outfits that could be crafted by doing special quests and getting specific items.

The Stream is planned to start at 12PM BST. What do you think it'll be about? Will they reveal what's coming specifically, or be cryptic? Will the Deviljho come early like rumors are saying, or will they wait for the update?