May 27th 2017

Monster Hunter is Coming to the Switch With Cross Play

The Monster Hunter championship is this weekend, and the day before the event, Capcom decided it was a good time to tell everyone that they were releasing another Monster Hunter game for a console. That's right, Monster Hunter XX will be released on the Nintendo Switch. We already knew the game was coming, but they had only said that it was going to be on the 3DS before now.
Monster Hunter XX is an expanded version of Monster Hunter Generations. Don't feel like all your hours playing Generations is wasted though, as you can transfer your save data one way to the Switch. However, if you have Monster Hunter XX on the Switch, and 3DS you can freely transfer data back and forth between the two systems.

Interestingly enough, the Switch version will support online play, and can play locally with other systems, including cross play with anyone who has a 3DS. So your friends don't have to all buy Nintendo Switch's to play this game with you if they already have a 3DS, which is a little surprising.

Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter XX will release in Japan on August 25, but they haven't said if they'll be bringing the game anywhere else yet. Although, Monster Hunter is fairly popular and the Switch could definitely use this sort of long game title in its line up. I'd say it's very likely that they will localize this game, but it will probably be delayed quite a bit from the Japanese release.