Aug 17th 2017

Moblie MOBA beta 

FLAME vs. BLAZE is a new MOBA from Square Enix coming to mobile phones in the West. This isn't just a copy and paste clone of other MOBAs, and actually has a few unique elements, even if the game is meant to be played on cell phones. Now the closed beta registration has started up for iOS devices, and there is still a chance to sign up if you want to try the game early.

FLAME vs. BLAZE is a 3 on 3 online match. It was made to be easy to pick up and play in your spare time in the middle of the day, so the matches are only ten minutes long. It is very similar to most MOBAs, but has three unique features. When you defeat a monster instead of destroying it, you tame it and it becomes your ally. The monster then either directly fights for you as a troop, or gives your team support. Each character has a "mode shift" where their play style can be completely changed in the middle of a match. Activate mode shift and suddenly you go from a tank to a dps. Each shift is specific to each character, and adds even more variety. Finally, you win the match by defeating the opponent's boss monster.

You can sign up for the closed beta here, but it is exclusive to the U.S. and Canada. It is full of all of the questions we've come to expect. Name, age, are you a fan of MOBAs, what MOBAs do you like, do you like watching or playing MOBAs better, sign our privacy policy that lets us sell your information to third parties, and so on. Essentially it asks for some information and permissions that just about any free-to-play app gets from you.

Overall FLAME vs. BLAZE looks like it will be fun if you like MOBAs. It is planned to be free-to-play, but the beta may show them that they need to go a different direction. You never know. There is also a very strong team working on the game, including character designer Gen Kobayashi (The World Ends With You), Producer Hironori Okayama (Kingdom Hearts Unchained X), and Director Yuji Abe (the Final Fantasy XIII series). If you enjoy MOBAs, you'll probably want to keep an eye on the app store and download this when it comes out. Especially because while the beta may be exclusive to iOS, the game will be coming out to both Android and iOS when it is released.