Aug 01st 2017

Missing: The Complete Saga is an rpg about human trafficking

Missing: The Complete Saga is the follow up to the award winning Indie game, Missing. Both games focus on the subject of human trafficking, and try to raise awareness through their gameplay. The original game was an adventure game, but this follow up will be a fully crafted RPG.

In Missing: The Complete Saga you play as Champa. You start as a child growing up in a rural village in India. Each day your choices will develop your skill tree and help decide what abilities you will have as you grow older. However, you will not just get to grow your skills without opposition. Throughout Champa's life there will be instances where she is in danger of being brought into a human trafficking ring and sold into the sex trade. With the right foresight this can be avoided for a long time, but the odds are stacked against the player.

Still, Missing: The Complete Saga does not end when Champa is forced to become a sex slave. The game's dynamic simply changes. Where as a child there were more twitch reaction and casual games, after becoming a sex slave it changes to things like stealth gameplay and some light combat. 

With how Champa's skills change and develop  based on your decisions each day the game can be very different on multiple playthroughs. All of this information included in the game isn't just speculation from the developers though. The game is rooted in interviews done with victims of trafficking, rescuers, and social workers who all have seen these things first hand.

Missing: The Complete Saga is currently on Kickstarter looking for funding to complete the game's development. It should come as no surprise that any money made from selling the game once it's completed will go to help victims of human trafficking. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think games serve as a good medium for people to see what it is like to live someone else's life? Should people use game's to spread this kind of message? Be sure to let me know by contacting me on Twitter @specncerhavens.