Jun 21st 2018

MindSeize pays omage to its predecessors

MindSeize is an omage to old school metroidvanias. Drawing inspiration from Metroid and MegaMan it is working to give a truly memorable experience.

The story of the game focuses on a Private investigator. They're tracking down a criminal organization that wants to surpass humanity by transferring their minds into enhanced robotic bodies. They kept mostly to themselves at first, but now they've started leaving a trail of mindless husks as they steal the consciousness of countless innocent bystanders. As the P.I. got closer the organization discovered they were being investigated. They decided on a direct confrontation. This led to them stealing the hero's daughter's mind and leaving him crippled in a wheelchair. Now he's found how to transfer his own mind into a robotic body and will track them all down no matter what. However, before he can he needed a trusty crew.

MindSeize is a 2D action/adventure game with a focus on tight controls and rewarding exploration. Using pixel art hints back to it's origins, along with the handmade animations. There are many weapons, and you can equip one melee and one ramged weapon. There is a meter for special attacks, and it is filled by damaging enemies with regular attacks. You can even customize the weapons with upgrade points and mods.

There is currently a pre-alpha demo showcasing what exactly the game is like. There is also a Kickstarter that recently started for MindSeize, and it still has several early bird reward tiers still available. With a demo to showcase the game and this being the second game from Kamina Dimension, there isn't much to lose in checking it out. Especially if you like metroidvanias.