Apr 17th 2018

Microsoft's Industry Acquisition

Microsoft seems to be getting ready to try and blow things away for E3 this year. They've hinted at a lot of things without giving anything solid, including rumors of announcing Halo 6, but now they've hired a big industry veteran. They just announced they hired Darrell Gallagher for the Microsoft Leadership team.

I'm sure many of you are wondering just who Darrel Gallagher is. Well, he's been around the industry in leadership roles since 1997. His focus has been on the creative side of things and in the art with him being a part of Sony, Rockstar, THQ, Crystal Dynamics, Square Enix, and Activision respectively through the years.

Microsoft hiring such a big name is interesting, but it's made even more intriguing because of a Tweet released by Gallagher himself. After being welcomed on he said how excited he was and that good things were to come with the hashtag E32018. Nothing solid, but Microsoft keeps dropping more hints here and there at a broader plan for their E3 presentation, which they've said will be their biggest yet. Although they pretty much say that every year.

What do you think? Was Darrell Gallagher added on especially to work on E3 stuff for this year, or is that just a coincidence from when he was being hired? Even Phil Spencer chimed in about being happy for him to join.