May 20th 2017

Medieval Shopkeep Simulator Mixes it Up

Medieval Shopkeep Simulator is a game by Studio Breakfast where you pretty much do what you'd expect. Your job is to manage your little shop from nothing to the greatest shop in all of the lands. Hire workers, craft items, explore, and even get blessings at the temple in this indie game that mixes low poly and pixel art.

In Medieval ShopKeep Simulator you don't just get to start in the best town selling the best goods. No, you start in a random small town with pretty much nothing. Each morning a traveling merchant will come into town, ready to unload his goods. You can buy as much as you want off of him, including some special items called work-kits that would let you build your own items.

The important thing to remember when selling is your reputation. Money is good and all, but if you get a good enough reputation you'll be able to upgrade your shop, which will bring in a higher class of customers, but will also bring your shop into the eyes of your competition. You don't have to just sit in front of your stand all day though, you can walk around and explore. There are many different procedurally generated biomes, and they have different raw materials and various other rewards hiding in them. There are even caves to explore, but be careful if you're trying to explore with someone from the town as not everyone has noble intentions, and may betray you to keep the loot for themselves. 

Medieval Shopkeep Simulator is an interesting mix of genres and art styles. It is currently on Kickstarter looking for funding, and is planned to be released by November 2017. So there isn't as long to wait as there usually is for games on Kickstarter.