Feb 20th 2018

Mavericks 400 player Battle Royale

The Battle Royale genre in games has been booming since Player Unknown's Battleground. It's already been popular in pop culture with books, manga, and movies like Battle Royale and The Hunger Games, but people keep trying to push for more. They want their game to have something that makes them stand out. Some let you build, others let you use special abilities, and now one is pushing to let 400 players on a single map.

Mavericks: Proving Grounds dropped a short trailer and teased some information about the game recently. Developer Automaton previously had only revealed it as "project x." Now after talking on a live stream with PC Gamer, they've let out a little tease of information to try and entice players.

 Automaton is pushing for getting as many players as possible into the same space. The phase 1 release will start with a 400 player Battle Royale mode for squads of 4, and later a 100 player map free-for-all. Then at the next phase they plan to launch more of an online RPG element for up to 1,000 players. 

They are keeping a bunch of things secret though. They say they have a unique plan to keep gameplay exciting and moving without using the shrinking deathwall on the map. They won't give up what that is though. Maybe to keep competition from getting an early jump on them, or maybe to build speculation and excitement, who knows?

What we do know is that they plan to launch the 400 player Battle Royale mode for Mavericks later this year. Although, if you've been around games for a while release dates are never really set in stone because something almost always comes up. Otherwise you get a rushed game and a buggy launch.

Anyway, are you excited by how many players they plan to have on a single map? Do you think this combined with no death wall will help them compete with other Battle Royale games that already have a solid player base?