Jan 13th 2018

Make your own NES game without coding experience

Retro games have been very popular. The hit of nostalgia with the release of the NES and SNES mini and how rapidly they sold out showed that. There is something for a lot of different people that draws them to these sort of older games. 

The start of the nostalgia era really rolled in hard when Nintendo announced the NES mini. Now, there's also been a sort of subculture within game developers that made games to run on older systems. The biggest hurdle for that is usually the necessary coding language that has to be used to create games in those older systems. They're not usually very user friendly, and make it a lot more difficult to make games than it needs to be.

Well, it seems a team that was working on their own game ran into problems programming as well. However, they found a unique solution. Now they've seen how they can share that discovery with others. They've called it NESmaker.

NESmaker takes the complicated tasks of programming a game for the NES system and makes it easy enough that it can be done without any programming experience. It not only let's you make games that can be run on a NES, but makes it easy to convert into a physical cartridge to play on an actual NES system, or play in an emulator on a PC.

NESmaker is looking for funding on Kickstarter to help make specific modules for different styles of games. That way it will be even easier to make games using the software. However the very base of the software is already completed, and they have made the game they originally sought out to develop with it.