Jun 10th 2017

Lucah Captures the Feel of a Nightmare With its Art

Lucah is an action roleplaying game where you have to find your way through a world that seems to get more horrifying the more you look at creatures and things in it.  Mixing familiars and elemental magic styles will give you unique abilities and ways to defeat your enemies. All the while leveling up to try and survive to find a way to escape the nightmare you've been forced into.

In the game you play as Lucah, a child who has been born as one of the marked. That is, a child who was born with magical powers flowing through their veins. Out of fear of that power, they are put into a hellish ritual nightmare realm. There the world manifests horrific creatures to keep Lucah in endless torment, and from finding a way to escape his prison. To survive, Lucah must fight and destroy them. He must find a way to seek purification and escape the corruption that is slowly threatening to consume him.

The combat mixes the use of elemental magic with familiars. The elemental magic uses light and heavy attacks while the familiars use long range attacks. You can combine these together to create powerful charge magic attacks, but they leave you vulnerable for a time. There are also different elemental magics and familiars to choose from so you can mix and match to create one that better fits your play-style. 

Currently Lucah is in its Alpha, and there is a demo available here and here if you want to try the game out for yourself. The mechanics and story are interesting enough, but what really stands out is the art. The backgrounds combined with the character's hand drawn/sketch feel does give off a vibe of a nightmare. It both looks choppy, and seems to flow seamlessly. 

Lucah is looking for funding on Kickstarter at the moment. They just started their campaign yesterday and are already a little over a fourth of the way towards their goal. With a demo already out, you can get a good feel of whether or not you like the game before you commit to anything. There are also a bunch of early bird specials still available if you're looking for more of a bargain. As always, simply spreading the news about the kickstarter on your social media channels is a big help. Let me know what you think about Lucah and its art by tweeting me @spencerhavens.