Jan 19th 2016

Libra Final Stretch Adds Cosplayers and More

Libra of the Vampire Princess Kickstarter is in its final stretch. It has already been funded and is currently blowing through its stretch goals. As a reward to their supporters, MiKandi Japan has done two big things.

MiKandi Japan has implemented a “Bring a Friend to Battle” giveaway where all Libra supporters can jump in for rewards. The way it works is that you get a friend to back the game for at least $35. As a reward you will both receive a color-copied Iris shikishi for free. On top of that, the two of you will be entered to win a 60-page art book signed by Risa Miyasu, the artist for Shuma, Calen, Mari, and Iris. You can get this reward as many times as you like, it’s only limited to the number of people you can bring in, and of course that only a few hours are left before the Kickstarter closes. Just make sure that after you bring a friend that you contact MiKandi Japan immediately with a direct message on Kickstarter so they can make sure you both get your reward.


Libra Final Stretch Adds Cosplayers and More

The second big addition is happening with official collaboration with three professional cosplayers, Kururu, Uniko, and Riku. They are going to cosplay as the three most popular Libra characters Mari, Lycoris, and Iris. There is a reward tier that will have an image disc with hundreds of photos of all three of them, and select reward tiers will even be able to request a pose and get it signed by the cosplayer. The three official costumes they will use are also going to be available as a reward in upper tiers, but there will only be one of each, and Lycoris’s costume is already gone.

"MiKandi Japan and XERO would like to give a sincere, heartfelt thanks to our friends, followers, the media sites that shared our battle with their audience, and to the Vampire Princess Army. Without you, making it this far wouldn't have been possible. Together we've marched to victory and proven that there is a hope for more visual novels to make it overseas." Mikandi Japan and XERO

It was a long journey from start to finish for Libra of the Vampire Princess, but it showed that there is definitely interest for high quality visual novels in places outside of Japan. As of now there are just a few short hours left before the Kickstarter closes forever. The next reward tier to reach is the PS Vita and Android port, and the Kickstarter is here. Just make sure that you don’t miss out on something because of indecision with such little time left. Anyway, to lighten the mood, and maybe poke fun a bit at other Otakus and Moes here is Dorkly’s Otaku Trucker.

Written by Spencer Havens