Jan 09th 2016

Leonard Saves the City With Dog Powers

Leonard Saves the City is a game focusing around the adventures of a little puppy named Leonard. The game is being developed by Second Lunch Studios. With a retro low poly look, the game pays homage in several ways to classic 80’s sidescrollers.

“Experience the exhilaration of an excited puppy with boundless energy. If you combine the raw energy of the Tick (the cartoon not the live-action series) hyped up on a gallon of cold brew coffee competing in American Ninja Warrior with the cuteness of a warehouse full of puppies; that's what this game will be like.” Explained Hoa, the founder of Second Lunch Studios, on the Kickstarter page for Leonard Saves the City.


Leonard Saves the City With Dog Powers

Leonard Saves the City puts you in the place of a dog who can use their enhanced dog senses to solve mysteries. Instead of dying your character merely gets scared away. The game is set in San Francisco, and will feature a large variety of differing scenes. In your explorations of San Francisco you can find the Golden Gate Bridge, neighborhoods like Chinatown and North Beach, and of course every kind of person from hippies to self important CEO’s. The game pays nostalgic respect to old 80’s and 90’s games using a beautiful low poly art style and a level design reminiscent of classic games like Duck Tales, Zelda, and Super Mario. See the world from the eyes of a puppy and keep it safe from things like evil paper bag demons. Using your amazing sense of smell you can find secrets, track friends and enemies, and slowly tug at the secrets plaguing the city.

Leonard Saves the City is currently looking for support with its Kickstarter campaign. The game is being made for PC, Mac, and Linux, but they have “just been accepted as a PlayStation partner and a PS4 version is seriously being considered.” So, have you ever wanted to be a dog living in San Francisco and fighting the likes of the pink bag monsters and evil misplaced furniture?

Written by Spencer Havens