Jan 20th 2018

League of Legends has two world records broken

Yesterday League of Legends history was made on multiple accounts. The week 1 match between the Jin Air Green Wings and SKT T1 heated up despite SKT T1 being runner-up world champions. It all came down to the third match, and even that had a lot of frustration for fans.

SKT T1 seemed to have the advantage, but Park "Teddy" Jin-seong and Kwon "Wraith" Ji-min held them back. In game 3, with everything on the line it seemed to be just Teddy holding back SKT T1. The game turned into a series of attrition with both sides sending minions at each other to slowly do little bits of damage. This got them a high Creep Score (the amount of enemy minions killed for gold) or CS. By the end of the match Teddy had crushed the previous record of 946 held by Zven with 1465. 

The commentators and many fans were driven mad because of Wraith. He didn't know he could upgrade his items and went through most of the match with them at the lowest level. He finally upgraded just after the 90 minute mark. Even without upgraded items he still made some very good support plays, and was key in the almost 95 minute match.

The game finally ended when Faker was taken out. The time before he respawned gave Jin Air Green Wings the opening to push through to SKT T1's base. With 30 seconds before Faker came back they toppled the South Korean giant at 94 minutes and 37 seconds. That made it by far the longest game in League of Legends history.

E-Sports is still having upsets and exciting moments. The commentators did a good job keeping the game interesting as it went on so long. It is still early in the season though, and there is a lot more to come.